Journey to Kalsgard

After some discussion So-rel “The Builder” decides to team up with the party and after the price is paid for the license to partake of the Tomb of Sabejorn Armfang.

the first day out the party runs afoul of a rogue band of kalsgard militia waylaying travelers and adventurers alike and arresting them under false pretenses and taking their valuables. the party after many rounds of heated combat dispatched these nefarious beings with agile efficiency.

the 2nd day was uneventful and allowed the party to regain their health

the 3rd day the party was set upon the most cunning and stunning Calgeria the Great a sorcerer of infernal bloodline with her merry band of misfits almost lured the adventurers into a false sense of safety and instead wound up in combat resulting in her unfortunate demise.

King Sveinn Blood-Eagle upon hearing of the adventurers deeds has named them housecarl to the Jarl Garth of the Frozen Hearth.

Journey to Kalsgard

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