News of the FIrst Game

Little did our adventurers know of the trials and hardships of the Linnorm kingdoms. They set out bravely to deal with some pesky bandits that have been disrupting trade along the Path of Aganhei.

After being ambushed and nearly perishing while travelling the road themselves to Iceferry the party successfully located and with the help of a local ranger tracked the bandits back to their lair.

The cunning and guile of the Ulfen Raiders was almost to much for our party but finally in mortal combat with the leader the party triumphed and returned victorious with treasure and valuable exp.

In a land were people are forced to live harsh lives, where mountain and ice trolls roam freely and frequently. Where linnorms, a mighty subspecies of dragon are considered the ultimate trophy to hang on your wall. Where songs of the mighty are sung, and those who have made the journey to Savngarde are toasted and remembered, four rise to stand against whatever forces of evil that may plague this land.

News of the FIrst Game

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